When to Visit

Two of the main factors to consider when planning your visit to Walt Disney World and the other Florida theme parks are the crowd levels, and the weather.

Because the weather in central Florida is good all year round (see our month-by-month weather summary), and the visitor numbers are high throughout the year, there are no obvious ‘best’ and ‘worst’ times to visit.

The busiest times, when crowds are at their highest, are the summer months, and the main holiday periods – Christmas and Easter. At all times, the weekends are busier than weekdays as Florida locals are more likely to visit on those days.

Waiting in line at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

So the periods with the lowest crowd levels tend to be:

the period between Christmas and Easter (usually mid-January to mid-March),

the period between Easter and summer (May/June)

and the period from late summer through to Thanksgiving (mid-September to mid-November).

At all times crowd levels in the theme parks tend to fall as the day progresses – arriving in the late afternoon/early evening can be much less of a scramble!

So to summarise, any time is a good time to visit the Florida theme parks, but you can avoid the very busiest times of the year/week/day with a bit of careful planning.

January – Low, once the New Year celebrations are out of the way.

February – Low apart from President’s Week (the third week in February each year)

March – Medium but increasing – Easter week is always busy

April – Usually high due to Spring Break and Easter.

May – Medium apart from Memorial Day weekend (the last Monday in May)

June – Medium

July – High – many international visitors and Independence Day celebrations

August – High – many international visitors

September – High but falling from mid-month as the number of international visitors falls

October – Low

November – Low until Thanksgiving Week (starts the third Thursday in November)

December – Low in the first half of the month, then high through to New Year