Watch as rider drops mobile phone from 450 foot high Orlando StarFlyer, did it survive?

The Orlando StarFlyer on International Drive has only been open a few months but already popular with visitors. The attraction is the world’s tallest swing ride attraction standing 450 feet high. It has 24 seats (12 x 2 seats), guests are seated in a double seat which is deep walled and fitted with double seat belts that include an “in between the leg harness” that can only be unlocked by the operator. The ride travels up and down and around the giant tower and can operate in winds up to 45mph.

Those riding are advised that nothing can be loose on them, no mobile phones, no cameras, hats, glasses and everything has to be secured. Recently one rider didn’t follow the advice and decided to film the whole ride experience on her mobile phone.

This proved not to be such a good idea as while she was filming during the ride to the top of StarFlyer she dropped her mobile phone. The phone continued to record as it descended to the floor below landing the right way up. Amazingly the phone carried on filming even when on the floor, the rider was very surprised the phone had survived and reports it suffered no damage and is still working!

StarFlyer have now installed monitors reminding riders not to take loose items on the ride and staff are also now being extra vigilant.