Virgin Atlantic launches new signature scent to put you in the holiday mood!

Often after returning from holiday a scent you smell back home will instantly take you back there. It could be the smell of popcorn taking you back to Magic Kingdom or a scent taking you back to a Walt Disney World hotel. Well now Virgin Atlantic has launched their own fragrance designed to give you that ‘holiday’ feeling. Here’s the press release:

We’ve collaborated with esteemed British scent designer and candle chandler Rachel Vosper to design a bespoke scent to elevate the customer experience on the ground.

The unique fragrance embodies warm and exotic notes inspired by the airline’s top destinations, and will be present at various points throughout the Virgin Atlantic experience to inspire feelings of adventure and relaxation.

The scent of four continents

How many times has your sense of smell transported you back to a happy occasion with friends or family, or a place you’ve lived or visited? To heighten the sense of excitement throughout the journey, we’ve introduced an inspiring scent to enhance the customer experience at check-in, airport gates, Clubhouses and boarding all cabins.

To bring this scent to life, we teamed up with leading scent expert and candle connoisseur Rachel Vosper to design AIR: A fragrance with a sense of exploration and vitality at its heart, using the finest ingredients to take customers on a sensory tour around the world. With notes of lemon, rose, vanilla, and essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus, this scent captures the four continents of our most popular routes.

A memorable journey

We’re passionate about making the journey memorable; one that our customers want to re-live time and time again. Through the luxurious candle version of the AIR fragrance, you’ll have the chance to enjoy this beautiful fragrance at home.

The unique scent of AIR is currently being rolled out to enjoy at check-in, airport gates, Clubhouses and upon boarding your Virgin Atlantic flight. You can also pre-order the candle online now at as well as purchase at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses and on-board duty free. The candles are priced at £30 and come in a ribbon-bound handmade gift box.

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