SeaWorld Orlando’s new walrus calves introduced to visitors

Guests visiting SeaWorld Orlando can now see the park’s two new walrus calves. Ginger and Aku can be seen playing, swimming and splashing alongside the harbor seals at Wild Arctic.

The two calves were introduced to each other last month after Aku was rescued from a gold mining dredge off the coast of Alaska. Ginger was born at SeaWorld Orlando this past June.

The two animals have been socializing together over the past several weeks as trainers prepped their new home at Wild Arctic. The revamped space will allow visitors to see Ginger and Aku from multiple angles both above and below water.

Throughout the day visitors will have the opportunity to watch Ginger and Aku socialize, play with some of their toys, interact with SeaWorld’s team and listen in on a trainer talk.

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