Pin Trading coming to SeaWorld Orlando

Starting this Saturday, pin trading officially starts at SeaWorld Orlando. Get started by stopping by the Pin Trading Central cart located by the front of the park to check out what’s available for purchase. Once you have your pins and lanyard, you can trade with SeaWorld Ambassadors and guests who are also wearing a pin trading lanyard. SeaWorld Ambassadors with lanyards can be found throughout the park in gift shops, theaters, front gate, and the park entrance.

Pins can also be found at Shamu’s Emporium, The Waterfront Shops, Coconut Bay Traders, Fins Gifts, Wild Arctic Store and Orlando International Airport.

SeaWorld Orlando trading pins

Be on the lookout for SeaWorld Ambassadors wearing a pin trading lanyard. Trade one of your pins in exchange for one of theirs. You can trade up to three pins per Ambassador, per day. You can also trade with other pin-traders.

There will be a variety of pins available to park guests. The core pin series features a variety of animal pins that will be available until that pin is retired. There will also have limited edition attraction and event pins only sold for a certain period of time.​

Pins will cost between $7.99 – $13.99. Starter sets with 4 pins and a lanyard will cost around $29.99. There will also be non-pin related accessories like lanyards and pouches available, those will range in cost between $4.99 – $11.99. Pass Members can save 10% on pins and accessories including Pass Member exclusive pins. Learn more about pin trading by visiting SeaWorld Orlando’s pin trading page here.

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