Orlando Sunrise & Sunset Times

The chart below shows the sunrise and sunset times for Orlando across the different months of the year.

As in the UK, the clocks are changed twice each year due to Daylight Saving Time. These changes are made in March and November, so are close to the UK changes, but not usually on the same dates.

So in Florida the clocks move forward by one hour during March, and move back by one hour during November.

Generally, during this means that during the second half of March, and the first week in November, Florida is only 4 hours behind UK time instead of the usual 5 hours.

The chart shows the sunrise and sunset times based on Florida time, these are the main points:

Sunrise times vary between around 6:30-7:30am across the year.

Sunset times vary between around 5:30-8:30pm across the year.

During the peak summer months (the time chosen by most UK visitors) the sun rises before 7:00am and sets just after 8:00pm.

Chart showing the sunrise & sunset times for Orlando across the months of the year