Halloween Horror Nights Orlando feels the need to remind visitors how to...

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando feels the need to remind visitors how to behave


Yesterday Universal Orlando released a request that visitors to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights should “ Keep Halloween Horror Nights Fun and Safe”.

This was done after a local news outlet encouraged anyone going to Halloween Horror Nights to participate in a ‘drinking game’. Part of the game involves visitors earning points by getting various reactions from the Scare-actors around the park with the reward involving the drinking of alcohol. This seems to have caused a few problems resulting in Universal Orlando releasing the following:

“We work hard to create a great Halloween Horror Nights experience for you. We want you to have fun. We also want you to be safe. And that is something we should all take responsibility for. Here’s how we hold up our end:

We train team members who serve alcohol to do so carefully and responsibly. For example, we have a one-drink per-person, per-ID policy. We have a zero-tolerance policy toward excess and abuse. And we aggressively enforce that policy. We are always reviewing our approach to alcohol. This year, for example, we are serving mixed drinks and specialty drinks only from select locations. When it comes to our scare-actors, we want you to interact with them. But only in the safest and most respectful of ways. We train them to use “safe-scare” techniques so no one gets hurt. And we also have a zero-tolerance policy for anything other than safe and respectful interaction with our scare-actors.

So what can you do?

Please drink responsibly. Please watch out for other members of your group. Please approach scare-actors carefully and courteously. Please respect everyone around you.
The majority of you understand this and are great guests. You have a fun, safe and respectful time. And we appreciate that. And if you see someone doing something less than what we all want from Halloween Horror Nights, just let us know. We’ll take care of it.”